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Google Adsense

Google adsense is also known as google advertising was the main source of income of google company.


Google show ads through many types of  programs that runs                 By google network like-youtube and blogger etc.                            Google show ads on publishers videos,blogs,automatic text and        interactive media advertisement that are targeted to site content        and audience.

These advertisments are administered,sorted,and maintaind by           google .google will generate revenue on either a per-click or             impression basis.     

Google adsense ads typically include the triangle -shaped adchoices icon .this program also operates on http cookies.over 14.5 million websites use adsense through this google advertising network google earned 13.6 billion us dollar.     

Google generate revenue and divide revenue in two parts one             part of income google collect for his services or revenue and           one part of income google send to creator or publisher who               create content like video or blog for displaying ads.                      many people in world will genrate their income with google               adsense network.In present time Google Adsense is good option for make money online.


developers                        -      Google

Release                               -     June 18,2003

type                                    -     online advertising

operating system               -     crossed platform (web based                                                                application)

website                              -     ADSENSE                                                   

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