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In present time many people used android operating system but how many peoples know about here comes the question 


So,android is a mobile operating system developed by google,based on a modified version version of the linux kernal and other open source software and designed primarily for touchScreen Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.and others like-android television,wear os and android os for wrist watches,each with a specialized user interface. 

Android was intially developed by android inc,which google bought in 2005,Android was unveiled in 2007,with the first commercial Android launched in september 2008.    

The operating system has since gone through Multiple major release,with the current version is  9.0 PIE.
Which released in august 2018.the core Android Source code is known as Android open source code project ( AOSP ),And
Is primarily licensed under the Apache License.

Android Has been the best-selling Os worldwide on smartphone 
Since 2011. And on tablets since of may 2017,it has over two Billion monthly active users.the largest installed Base of any operating system.

And in june 2018,the google Pay store features over 3.3 million apps.


developer                   -                                      google

written in                     -                    java,c(core),c++ and others

working state              -                     current

source model               -                   open source(most device                                                                                                  included)

 intial release              -                    september 23,2008

latest release              -                   9.0 pie August 6,2018

official website          -           

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