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Today I am gonna show you top 3 free photo editing software for pc oF my choice. 

It was made by adobe photoshop company it was used for professional photo editing in the computer
it has many tools that provide you all control to edit your photos professionally if you wanna download it.

so here the download link -  

Serial number-1045-1209-6738-4668.
Gimp is also a professional photo editor it was used by beginners or professionals it was easy to use 
so you will edit your photos easily if you wanna edit your photos professionally so it was also  
best option for you it will come with many types of tools that you will never see before it was the highest level photo editor that competitor of adobe photoshop. But it was my second choice.

download link-

 Fotor is the best photo editor for beginners if you wanna edit your photos professionally and fast so it was the best choice photor will come with normal tools like-crop, blur, sharpen, and frames etc
it was my 3 rd best choice. but if you wanna edit your photos fast and do normal editing than it was Best choice.

download link- 

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