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Tor Dark web Browser

Tor is a free software for enabling anonymous communication.the full name is derived from the original project name "The Onion Router"
            Tor Browser
             Details of Tor

Developer    -    The Tor Project

Initial Release  September 20,2002;17 Years Ago

Preview Release- (16 November  2018;17days ago. )


Tor CodingC, Python, Rust

Operating SystemMicrosoft WindowsUnix-like(Android, Linux, Macs) 


TypeOnion routing, anonymity

License BSD 3-clause license


               SECRET OF TOR

      USES OF TOR -

tor is a dark web Browser it was the simplest way to accessing the dark web in tor you will not able to Do work like Internet surfing, searching or general works.Tor is used for Do illeghal things LIke Hacking, selling Drugs, Guns and other illegal works.

            Beware of Tor -

tor is not made for general purpose in accessing in tor Browser make you visible in dark web dark web is home of many hackers the hackers waiting for the people who curious to practice hacking or using the dark web with tor network people will be going to hacks other people with dark web but hackers hack the peoples computer and steal his all documents.

 The main purpose of Tor -

American government certified tor for use. Because in Tor Browser Many American government secret agency watching Tor browser all Work And they will use tor browser to trap the smugglers and hackers.   

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