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What is Job Board Earning?

Create a Job Board on your website it is also a good way to Monetize your website with this method you will provide people the best jobs and job providing company will pay you.


People looking to hire someone will post a job on your board or website and readers will apply for the job. This is a great method of monetizing a website.

On the other hand, I have seen smaller blogs try to do this and completely fail because it’s competitive and if you can’t send them anyone to apply, it’s pointless for them to post a job. Jobs can be anything from, writers to trainers.

When it comes to marketing your job board, you will want to use some of your advertising space to promote the job board so that readers will see it and apply for jobs.


Charge a low price at the beginning so that you can attract a lot of customers and if they get applications they will be happy and in return, they will give you more money.


1-Completely hands of, you don’t have to do anything.

2-Make big bucks.

3-Adds to credibility


1-Doesn’t work for small blogs

2-Very competitive at times.

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