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Sell Paid Directory on your websites

Sell paid directory on your website isn’t very common but I believe it should be.


I see it as a smart way to sell advertising, you see instead of putting adverts on your sidebar, you have a directory on your blog where you link to different company’s and websites in your industry and charge a premium for the listing. If you charged a monthly fee, so for example, say you had 1000 people listed in your directory and charged $7 a month, you would earn $7000 a month in continuity.

In some ways, this is actually beneficial to the reader, say you have a website about becoming a model, in the directory could be a section for photographers, where photographers pay to list their services. Models will come and look for the right person to take pictures of them for their portfolio, helpful and profitable.


Just like a job board, Many people add adverts in his blog, promoting the directory to make sure customers are happy with the number of people seeing their ad and the traffic they get. To start with, I would even advertise on other sites to get people to list in your directory, as well as reaching out to people and company’s to buy a listing.


1-Highly profitable.

2-Useful for readers.

3-Makes you stand out as your doing something different.

4-Nearly guaranteed income.


1-Costs to set up.

2-Smaller sites may not work so well.

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