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Many people know the name of the new google android mobile application Google primer but you will not know the work of Google primer so today I will give you the answer of your question
is 'what is Google primer'  


Google Primer is a free mobile application by Google, designed to teach digital marketing and business skills to small and medium business owners, startups, and job seekers using 5-minute interactive lessons. It is a part of Google's Grow with Google and Digital Unlocked initiatives.

Primer officially debuted in the United States on September 1,5, 2015 and is now available in Latin America, Indonesia, India, and Canada.On May 17, 2018, Google Primer underwent a redesign to make it more accessible to all users and to provide new lesson content on accessibility.

According to the app’s website, Google partnered up with marketing and business professionals to create Primer's educational content.

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